Chairman’s Message


Mr. Youssef Marroun
General Manager

Gaining efficiency and reliability in a complicated sector such as contracting is not an easy job; it requires experience and hard work for many years. Youssef Marroun Contracting Company has been established 30 years ago, in 1403H. The launch of the Company has coincided with the growth in KSA especially construction. That has given us the honor till today and forevermore as one of the leading companies contributing to the growth of our beloved country. This contributions can be represented through carrying out a number of major projects, and government and semi-government infrastructure facilities as well as accomplishing many huge and complicated projects that require attention to details, comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of management planning, multi-plicate resources and efficient implementation. Construction sector is considered as one of the most important sectors on which countries’ economy is based. It plays an important role in other supporting service construction sectors and represents the civilized and aesthetic image of any country which in turn gives an impression about the growth of civilization and construction. In addition, construction sector is the pillar of components of any community economy and the main source for the treasury. Consequently, we work according to a serious and accurate system under the laws of our rational government which has made the contracting sector as a service that can be exported to neighboring countries. That is the later step to which Youssef Marroun Contracting Company is looking forward in the near future through opening branches outside KSA. We are specifically specialized in metal construction and industrial buildings which makes us one of the biggest and most profissional companies in the contracting field in KSA. Our long and successful journey including projects, achievements, awards and honors have made us proud of ourselves.